Friday, February 13, 2015

Patience even when hungry.

I was craving a homemade cinnamon roll several days ago. I finally got one yesterday at the bakery in Hillsboro.  All they had was frozen ones. I bought 2 cause I figured hubby would want one if I had one.

It was a busy day yesterday trying to get ready for Valentine's parties for the school kids. Baby A finally let me walk away from her and get something done without hanging on me. She was sick for 6 days and very clingy and life still isn't right.

I have to take a pill for my thyroid function and then wait 30 minutes to eat.  I want that cinnamon roll! Well, I could have eaten an hour ago, but both little girls are around.  Baby A wanted some of daddy's.  I'm selfish and don't want to share mine (he didn't either). So after changing diapers and trying to get them busy (aka turning on Blue's Clues), I am hungry and wanting my cinnamon roll. It is 8:45 already!! A nice cup of coffee (now cold) and a roll have my name on it. Of course, sitting and enjoying it by myself won't be so great, but that is the only way I won't have to share....hopefully!

I don't know if most people have their "favorite things" or know things that make them happy. I don't.  I hate those questions asking what is your favorite food, color, restaurant, drink,  etc. Mine isn't always the same or set in stone. Maybe lots of people are that way and I just think other people know what they like. If someone wanted to surprise me by bringing a favorite of something, I feel kinda sorry for them. Sure, I like a good cappuccino or latte (as long as the coffee flavor isn't too strong). I've even told my hubby he could surprise me with one sometimes. Don't think that has happened. I like chocolate, but not a certain one really.

I decided I live in the moment.  Not just because I don't know or think I have favorites. Overall in life I have come to believe that is how I live. I can plan my day, but till the moment comes I don't know if I will be able to accomplish what I want to.  I'm hoping this feeling is mostly, or all, to do with the stage of life I'm in...mother of 5 kids 9 (almost 10) and under. Surely I can plan more when I don't have littles needing help and attention.

Well, that is a glimpse at my life right now in this "Household of 7."  Maybe some of my friends know me well enough to know there are certain things that may be my least in the moment.  And now it is after 9 and my cinnamon roll is sitting on a plate downstairs. Amberly wandered down there and I had to come back up with her. I guess just because I was craving a cinnamon roll days ago doesn't mean I still crave one today.

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