Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Mornings are when I usually get the most done. If it doesn't get done before noon..actually about 10 or may not get done. Little A mostly takes 20-30 minute cat naps a couple times a day. Sometimes I can't put her down or she wakes up.

Meal times are also hard. I am not good at planning meals. Some days when I think I have a plan, I have fussy kids and it doesn't go according to my plan anyway.

It is hard for me to get out of the house in the morning, especially when I have things to get done. I know it will be hard to catch up later in the day. With 2 or 3 kids, depending on the day, to get ready, I'd rather stay home sometimes depending on what I am getting out of the house for and how long I can stretch it. If I'm not getting something done at home, I may as well be gone so I don't feel bad or stressed about it at that moment.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Starting a new blog

I have been disappointed I haven't kept up with my "farming" blog. I wanted to use it to show what life on the farm is like. Well, now I decided to start a new one to possibly show what life with 6 people in a house is like. This includes kids ages 6, 4, 2, and 6 months! Never a dull moment.

I used to think I sort of had most things under control, except meal planning which I think I will always struggle with. The last month I feel that everything is out of control. Before, I at least had a somewhat picked up house even if the kids were somewhat out of control. Now it seems it's all disorganized and running a muck all on its own!

I keep saying I need time to get things figured out as far as a schedule and discipline. I read books (when I have time) and find good ideas, but I have trouble implementing those ideas. I don't have the energy to change things even though some things need it. I am in continual survival mode with little hope of actually changing things. It doesn't help that 6 month "A" doesn't nap longer than 20-30 minutes at a time unless being held.

It is hard when other people know and see the struggles we are having with our son, the 4 year old. I feel judged by some that we aren't even trying with him. We are! I need time to devote to finding what is going to work with him. I can't even type this without many interruptions and tears!

I don't know how often I will get to post. Maybe nobody will want to read what life in a Household of 6 is like. Maybe I can use this to process (vent) things for myself. I am not looking for answers or too much advice from others. I will try to keep things positive, but real.